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Join the revolution!

Become part of the team advancing the status quo in construction methods. Working with Method you'll be at the forefront; causing positive change and writing the rules for new construction methods in New Zealand.

Is a higher quality of life important to you? Do you get excited at the prospect of being part of significant positive change? Joining the team at Method could be just the opportunity to unleash your many talents. 

As a highly motivated, high-energy individual in the Business Operations role you will have:

  • A strong drive to learn, grow and be part of something new and interesting, and growing
  • An analytical mind and the ability to prioritise and focus on the key issues
  • The ability to design and follow systems and processes to ensure efficiency
  • High attention to detail 
  • Personal commitment to quality 
  • Pride in delivering excellence in all work, including customer service
  • The ability to influence and work with stakeholders and to draw upon the skills and knowledge of relevant personnel from across the team to ensure the business operations run effectively 
  • A genuine desire to learn and grow in a role 
  • Strong capabilities in IT – both in using IT systems and in embracing new and changing technologies
  • Good financial and legal literacy, ideally with experience in reviewing and assessing contracts 
  • The flexibility to take ownership of, adapt to, and drive changes as the business requires
  • The ability to communicate important commercial items to colleagues and customers where needed
  • Adaptable and open minded
  • Able to lead the conversation on new ideas and enjoys continuously improving systems and process
  • Takes ownership of the role and responsiblities, shows iniative when issues or opportunities arise
  • A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace
  • Construction or building industry experience preferred but not essential – a drive to learn and upskill quickly is just as valuable

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Nick Hubbard

General Manager

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