What’s the best way to build?

 It’s time to stop bringing up the rear.

Of all the industries in New Zealand, building is the one that really hasn’t changed significantly in a hundred years.

We’re asking why.

The rest of the world already knows first hand of the benefits of building with Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). How? They’ve been using them commercially for over 30 years.

At Method Building Systems our aim is to make this proven technology the new standard for building in New Zealand.

We know that building with SIPs creates warmer, drier, healthier homes. It has a better green rating. It allows for more varied design. Structurally, it holds up better over time.

And now with Formance, it has the added benefit of being available right here, in Canterbury New Zealand.

We’re ready to build to a better standard. Are you?



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